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Our Story

The founder of InsideMedDeviceSales has spent 22 years in the medical device space, has participated in countless procedures, and has successfully navigated the nuances that exist in this space. He has worked for individually owned distributorships and large, multinational corporations. Throughout the years, the one question that he has been asked by strangers and friends is, "How can I get in to that?"

Our Story

What We Do

The goal of this site is simple, answer the question, "How can I get in to that?" The blog section of this site will contain podcasts with reps from various specialties and companies, managers that are doing the hiring, recruiters that are trying to fill roles, and the physicians that you will be working with in the OR. These conversations will shed light on what it is a medical device rep does, what it takes to succeed, and the rewards and challenges that come with this lifestyle. And don't be surprised if you hear about a few unbelievable stories of cases that did not go as planned. Our hope is that you learn not only how to get in to the medical device sales space, but how to stay in and thrive.

Next Steps...

If you want to get hired in the medical device space, or if you are already in but would like to move up the food chain, take the next step and join us.